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Inspirational Stories

Inspirational stories received from real people telling us about their core training success stories.

In particular, the Gyroboard is proving to be a hit not only with serious professionals, but also with people looking for something different to assist with their injury recovery, or to provide something different to entertain young people at community events.

This versatile core training equipment is improving lives in a variety of different ways, and we share how the Gyroboard is achieving this here.

Back Surfing after Temporary Paralysis

I tore my hamstring badly and did a grade 3 tear of my MCL at the same time after a nasty motocross stack that also resulted in temporary quadriplegia & paraplegia and a broken wrist.

After 10 weeks I had still only recovered to a point where I could handle about 15 minutes on the exercise bikes at the gym followed by a few minutes on their wobble board and I decided that if I had a wobble board at home I could use it more often and speed my recovery process up.

While searching online for information on where I could get a good wobble board I stumbled on the Gyroboard website and as I am a keen surfer saw this as a more complete and relevant rehab tool for me so went ahead and purchased one.

I started off slowly and carefully working within my pain thresholds and ranges of movement just using the Gyroboard with the brakes fully on initially and working on my balance and leg strength. Within a few sessions I was already finding both strength and balance returning rapidly so released the braking system more and more until within 3 weeks I had it fully release and free spinning. The bonus was that it’s actually a lot of fun...especially compared to a wobble board which I find pretty boring and a bit too easy.

Since the purchase and regular use of the Gyroboard my recovery has sped up a lot and my physio has been very impressed with the change in my recovery rate.

8 weeks after starting to use it I paddled back out for my first surf and have been going from strength to strength ever since, I put a lot of this improvement in my recovery down to regular use of my Gyroboard.

Ross Cranston
This has to be one of the most inspirational stories of being self motivated to find fun new ways to recover from a serious injury we’ve personally heard. The Gyroboard team wish Ross all the best in his continuing recovery.

Older Siblings Perfect Moves in Community Programme

We have used a number of Gyroboards to enhance our Families in Parks programme. They attract the slightly older siblings, who then stay in the park with their other siblings. They spent many hours perfecting their moves.

We find it difficult to secure equipment that is attractive to the older sibling and these Gyroboards have been an absolute find.

They are now being used in the JumpIn2It afterschool programme at one of our Intermediates so this will be interesting to watch.

Jill Nerheny
Community Co-ordinator
Service Provider for North Shore City Council and serving the community since 1982

If you have an inspirational stories about how core training has helped improve your life or the life of someone you know, please send them to us to add to this page.

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