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Welcome to the Gyroboard Frequently Asked Questions page. The aim of this page is to establish basic information about purchasing and owning a Gyroboard. If your question is not answered here, please Contact Us to submit your query.

What is the Gyroboard?

The Gyroboard is the Ultimate Sports Board. As an all-in-one sports board trainer, it combines the best features of balance, wobble and rocker boards. The user is able to adjust the rock, tilt, and speed of the product to push their current ability to a whole NEW level.

What are balance boards and what are they used for?

Balance boards are used for training in all sports and rehabilitation fields to assist with injury prevention and recovery and the development of a skill required in every movement we make. With a platform on top on an unstable fulcrum or ground contacting member, the board moves in unexpected directions, creating conditions that stimulate, exercise and train the parts of the body and brain responsible for developing a sense of balance.

Who uses a balance board?

Balance boards are used by:

  • athletes and sports people who want to be at their peak when performing their chosen sport
  • fitness instructors and personal trainers
  • physiotherapists for effective injury rehabilitation and pre-rehabilitation
  • people who want fun and challenging ways to compete against others, either in social or sporting environments
  • anyone who wants to build their core strength, balance, co-ordination and agility skills


    Is the Gyroboard a balance board?

    The Gyroboard is more than a balance board. Better and a lot safer then the old wobble board. Stronger and safer then a exercise ball. It simulates the conditions experienced by sports board riders, allowing participants of these sports to practice there moves and learn how to do new tricks and moves in relative safety of your home or gym. Off the slopes, water or concrete, before trying them in the sport’s natural outdoor arenas.

    What is the difference between Gyroboard and other balance boards?

    The Gyroboard has several key points of difference compared to other balance boards and exercise balls which is beneficial for the physiotherapy and fitness markets.

    The most noticeable one is that the deck is more easily controlled than any other balance training apparatus. Whereas other balance boards / exercise balls can drop suddenly, roll or compress and potentially exacerbate an injury, the Gyroboard relies on the user to move it and therefore more easier controlled. This means that damaged muscles or tissue will not be jarred.

    The Gyroboard has two tilt stops which, when adjusted; allows the deck to only tilt to that angle. This also provides options for a Trainer / Physiotherapist a different degree of challenge for the user. There is also an unique adjustable braking mechanism which allows the board to spin at varying speeds, making it an effective tool for snow sport fitness and skill training for the user’s chosen sport. Most balance boards require you to purchase a new, complete unit (board and fulcrum) once you have mastered the level the board is aimed at. They also only wobble, rock or tilt. The Gyroboard does all three movements. It is effective for fitness, recreational and extreme sports training, as well as injury rehabilitation.

    What is the Gyroboard made of?

    The deck is made of high grade maple ply, on top of a high quality steel spring. The legs and Gyroboard mechanism are made of high grade aluminum, keeping the Gyroboard weight as low as possible at approx 9kg.

    What is the maximum weight limit on your decks?

    We recommend a maximum weight limit of 150kg.

    How can I purchase my own Gyroboard?

    Please contact us.

    Who can use the Gyroboard?

    We recommend the Gyroboard for people aged 8 years and over. The Gyroboard is designed to be used by any level of rider, from beginner to extreme sportsperson. Beginners and children should start off using the Gyroboard under the supervision of an adult or experienced rider.

    Is the Gyroboard safe?

    The Gyroboard has under gone Eight years of testing to ensure it is a safe sports board trainer to use. If you follow the recommended safety code printed in the manual, and use the Gyroboard to your level of ability, or under supervision when required (children, beginners, or people with injuries being rehabilitated), you should have a fun and enjoyable Gyroboard experience.

    Is there a warranty?

    The Gyroboard has a 12 month limited warranty on defects in material and workmanship.

    Does it come with instructions?

    There is a manual which includes a parts list, assembly instructions, warranty and safety code.

    Can I buy additional/replacement parts?

    Some parts such as leg padding / sleeves and grip tape are consumable. These are able to be ordered by contacting us

    Where was the Gyroboard invented?

    The Gyroboard was invented in Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand, the Land of Extreme and the Home of Champions. The concept was born in the early 2000s and over 8 years has gone into research, development and testing.

    Who is using the Gyroboard?

    The Gyroboard is being used in the training camps of the New Zealand Academy of Sport and the Canterbury Rugby Football Union/The Crusaders, as well as by Physiotherapists, Professional trainers, your everyday sports participant and ordinary back yard kid. The Gyroboard is now being used all over Europe and the Uk by professional trainers and Physiotherapist. Anyone who wants to improve their balance, co-ordination and core strength in an extremely fun and challenging way.

    What is your privacy policy?

    Any information collected about our customers will be used solely by Gyroboard. We will never rent, sell or give away our database.

    Gyroboard - Invented in New Zealand - the Land of Extreme ...used by Champions
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