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"The flat Gyroboard is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that can be used in many different ways; core stability, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, sporting performance enhancement.

I use it extensively in my clinic, my physiotherapists appreciate the versatility it provides in our gym and all my clients thoroughly enjoy using it. Its multi-purpose nature allows our clients to work through a progressive, challenging and enjoyable rehabilitation. It is especially effective for rehabilitating from knee surgery and ankle injuries.

In addition, its portability means that I can take it to sporting trainings venues and to Silver Fern camps. The Gyroboard can be used court side/field side for athletes who are rehabilitating and cannot partake in practice or used in challenging circuit training.

Within a gym environment it is a useful tool for clients and personal trainers.

Try it – it’s fun!

Sharon Kearney
Performance Physio and Silver Fern Physiotherapist

Colin Hancock, Head Clinician Physiotherapist, PhysioSouth

"We have found the Gyroboard to be a great tool for rehabilitation as it allows more freedom and range of movement than any other similar product."

Colin Hancock, Head Clinician Physiotherapist, PhysioSouth


Muscle People

"The Gyroboard is great for elite athletes through to serious injury/TBI clients.
It provides an enjoyable and challenging way to train and rehabilitate
core stability, balance and proprioception."

Laurie Moore, Director, Muscle People Ltd


Russley Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

"We love the dynamics of the gyroboard particularly the ability to change the complexity of exercises for our patients of varying skill levels and stages of rehabilitation."

Russley Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic


"The Gyroboard is an excellent tool to enhance results in functional training, core stability and it considerably improves muscles kinesthetic perception. Exercising on it also prevents ankle and knees related injuries as it strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joints. I have found the board very effective in balance and stability training and its unique features allow to challenge the neuromuscular system in all three planes of the body movement. I use the Gyroboard for all fitness levels, from performing basic simple exercises to train demanding movements patterns in sports conditioning, and to this extent I have found the board to be very versatile."

Peter Jawor, Personal Trainer (MSc, Dip. PT), Optimum Physique (UK)


Personal Trainers

Carol Hides, Fitness Motivator

"The Gyroboard is a versatile tool – ideal for a complete PT session workout."

Carol Hides, Fitness Motivator
Asics Up & Coming Personal Trainer of the Year, South Island, Fitness Life Awards 2007
Private Personal Training Studio

Kristy Thompson, Personal Trainer, Les Mills

"The Gyroboard is a highly effective training tool for core stability."

Kristy Thompson, Personal Trainer, Les Mills


Saul Nelson, Personal Trainer, Fitness Canterbury

"Gyroboard is ahead of any other training aid, for increasing muscle, rehabilitating injuries and increasing flexibility"

Saul Nelson, Personal Trainer, Fitness Canterbury

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